Pisco is a distilled brandy grape spirit drink originating from Peru, the land of the Incas. Pisco is clear and colourless.  There are eight different grape varieties and generally four distinct types of Pisco:  Pure (Puro), Aromatic, Blended (Acholado) and Mosto Verde.  Typically a Puro Quebranta is used to make some of the many wonderful Pisco cocktails.  Aromatic and Acholado Pisco's are often drunk neat as shots or over ice.  Mosto Verde are the most alcoholic (usually 44% abv or thereabouts) as the must of the grape is used before it has completely fermented. 

"1821"  - Quebranta and Italia:  This is Sharing The Best's very own registered brand of Peruvian Pisco.  It is made especially for us by Bodegas y Viñedos Grimaldi.  The traditional method used to craft this very special drink has been passed from Grimaldi generation to generation making this one of the finest and most refined Pisco's available in the world today.  This is our flagship beverage which is now used as the Pisco of choice by London's leading Peruvian bars and restaurants including Tito's (London Bridge Street, London) and Pisqu (Rathbone Place, London) .  40% abv.  Available in both 750ml and 2000ml bottles depicting the iconic Sharing The Best logo.

Tabernero "Edicion Limitada" - Puro Quebranta, Puro Italia and Acholado:  The fineness of this Pisco is due to the rigorous selection of quality brandy grapes slowly distilled in French copper stills. Tabernero uses 7kilos of grapes to make each litre using a combination of traditional and the latest modern techniques. All three of these Piscos have a round palate and a typical nose of their respective strains. Ideal for drinking over ice or mixing to make great cocktails.  Alcoholic content is generally 41% / 42% abv.  Available in 500ml bottles in presentation tubes depicting famous Peruvian landmarks, icons and images.

Tabernero "Coleccion Privada" - Mosto Verde Quebranta, Italia and Torontel: A high-end Pisco made by Tabernero and one that rightly bears the title “Private Collection”.  10.5kilos of the brandy grapes are used to make each and every litre of these three unusual Piscos. The Quebranta is timeless – clean, clear and bright. The Italia is floral – herbaceous aromas and citrus fruits swirl around the palate. The Torontel is silky – lingering floral aromas with a great velvety texture.  Alcoholic content is 44% abv. Available in delightful frosted glass 500ml tall bottles in presentation boxes. 

Puro Quebranta:  This is a barman’s friend!  A consistently reliable clear, bright Pisco which is produced in the main for mixing and making one of Peru’s favourite if not national drinks, the Pisco Sour.  This Pisco is also used to make a whole host of other Peruvian cocktails including a Pisco 75, Pisco Punch and the ideal long, cool, refreshing summer drink, Chilcano.  Available in standard 750ml and also extra large 2-litre size bottles at 40% abv.  The conventional bottles are ideal for day-to-day use whereas the larger bottles are great for display purposes, to create macerations and flavoured Pisco and for parties ensuring incredible value-for-money time and time again.