Welcome to Sharing the Best

We find, bring and share with you the best alcoholic beverages from all over the world.  We sell to the trade and direct to the public.  Our products include "1821" our popular own  brand of Peruvian Pisco made especially for us from the popular Quebranta and Italia grapes  . . . all from around the world to the world!

A Little About Us

Andrew & Cristina Millard founded Sharing The Best in April 2014 initially importing unusual wines from Europe and South America into the UK.  Soon after they branched out into importing Peru's famous Pisco, a distilled brandy grape spirit drink originating from over 500 years ago, which in the words of London's Metro newspaper is "taking the UK bar market by storm".

In 2017 they launched their own registered brand of Pisco "1821" which celebrates the year Peru obtained its independence from Spain.  This is available in both the popular Quebranta and Italia grape varieties in either 750ml or 2-litre bottle sizes. "1821" is now the preferred choice of many top South American bars and restaurants in the UK.

"Sharing The Best is fast, efficient and reactive to market demands" says Andrew Millard.  "We understand space to store bar stock is at a premium, particularly in the cities, so when a client needs additional supplies we respond immediately."
Part of the company's success is also down to its deep understanding of Pisco and the quality of its own brand "1821". Made especially for Sharing The Best by Bodegas y Viñedos Grimaldi, traditional methods are used to craft "1821" making it one of the most refined and now respected Piscos available anywhere.